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Community Prevention

The prevention resources within this section are based on community needs and awareness for all community members. Availability of resources, strong neighborhood and community attachment, community drug-free youth activities, and strong bonds with pro-social organizations are just a few protective factors that can reduce the risk of substance use and abuse within the community. 

Community Risk Factors

  • Availability of drugs
  • Low neighborhood attachment and community disorganization
  • Community laws and norms favorable toward drug use, firearms and crime
  • Misperceptions of the extent and acceptability of drug-abusing behaviors in school, peer and community environments 
  • A community with a high tolerance for smoking, drinking or drug use among youths
Use the buttons below to direct you to the drug(s) of concern within your community to find tool kits, research, presentations, and webinars to help minimize those risk factors within your community: 


Fentanyl and Pills

Prescription opioids are dangerous, addictive, and can be deadly

Arizona Substance Misuse Prevention Resource

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