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Family Prevention

The prevention resources within this section are based on family needs and awareness for all family members. A strong bond between children and their families, clear communication between parents and children, and clear limits and consistent enforcement of discipline are just a few protective factors that can reduce the risk of substance use and abuse within your family. 

Family Risk Factors

  • Ineffective parenting
  • A chaotic home environment 
  • A caregiver who abuses substances, suffers from mental illness or engages in criminal behavior
  • Parental care or involvement with their children is low
  • Lack of parental supervision
  • Living with an addicted family member
Use the buttons below to direct you to the drug(s) of concern within your family to find tool kits, research, presentations, and webinars to help minimize those risk factors within your family: 

Arizona Substance Misuse Prevention Resource

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