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School Prevention

The prevention resources within this section are based on school needs and awareness for all educators, School Resource Officers, and faculty. Anti-drug use policies, success in academics and involvement in extracurricular activities, and attending a school with an effective drug education program and a no-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs are just a few protective factors that can reduce the risk of substance use and abuse within your school. 

School Risk Factors

  • Academic failure

  • Drug availability
  • Attending a school without strict rules that address tobacco, alcohol or drugs and consistent enforcement for breaking those rules
  • Inappropriate classroom behavior, such as aggression and impulsivity
  • Lack of commitment to school 
  • School stress, bullying, and peer pressure
Use the button to the right to be directed to prevention resources and curriculum to help minimize the risk factors within your school by establishing an effective drug education program

Arizona Substance Misuse Prevention Resource

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